I just took a flying leap and I am terrified.

I’d been debating this for a long time and, finally, I decided to take the jump. I can’t just keep waffling around on the cliff’s edge.

I launched my Patreon page, Pocket Change Stories (PCS), today.

Why today?

Because on 10/15/2016, I will be leaving Microsoft and I’ve got only enough money to support myself for 3 months unless I can get some good freelance work.

But I got a weak portfolio. My fault. I dun goofed.

First Reality Check:

I do have a current freelance job, that pays pretty well if I can write enough to get paid the amount I need to pay my half of rent. I got roommates recently so the pay out is less than what I use to pay to live on my own, but I still have $1500 worth of bills I need to pay every month in order to stay out of my parents’ basement. Oh and $1500 isn’t counting the health insurance I need to find.

I live in America.

Health insurance is expensive.

So I’ve two months before I hit the danger zone to build a bitching portfolio. What does PCS have to do with this?

Let me list out in bullet points:

  1. I get to creatively write whatever is in my head.
  2. People can invest in me if they think I’m worth a dollar.
  3. Just the thought of making a dollar surprisingly alleviates some of my money worries.

Second Reality Check:

It hit me last night while I put the finishing touches on my Patreon page that Microsoft was my safety net. It meet all my end needs even if the hours and stress were shit, I didn’t have to worry about whether or not I would make rent. But it was also strangling me.

Last year I came clean about my depression and PMDD, Microsoft was a huge factor and


This meme is too perfect

the work environment wasn’t going to get better. Not for me at least.

I know I’m going to receive some criticism for this move. It’s a total first world problem meme in a nutshell, but I took the jump and I can’t go back.

The Leap:

So either I got a parachute in my writing tools or I’m going to crash land, hard. PCS isn’t actually meant to completely replace everything, it would be nice if it could, but I’m a surprising realist and know I could put out 100 stories and only have 6 people donate to my Patreon page. That’s what Patreon is, a donation platform where readers can decide if I’m worth the investment.

Donation Tiers:

Patron Level: 1 dollar, you get exclusive access to any Patreon only stories or first look at stories before it’s posted on the blog.

Champion Level: 3 dollars, you get shout-outs in the videos I’m planning on releasing for the stories that I put out that month.

Overseer Level: 5 dollars, you get first looks at the videos I’m posting, plus sneak peeks at work in progress stories.

Advisor Level: 10 dollars, an exclusive live stream, where you can tell me in person how awesome or how horrible I am.

Final Reality Check:

If you’ve been on this blog often enough, you know I’m honest to an almost stupid degree. I didn’t tell you about the 1500 I need a month to make anyone feel sorry for me. It’s a truth because there are people out there who are thinking about making leaps of their own and wondering if they can make it or what it takes.

$1500 is the reality check. It’s the number I’m staring down and challenging. Whether people invest in me or not, comes down to the quality of work I put out and if I, as a person, can inspire them to place that investment.

I don’t have an 8-hour job anymore, I’m going the self-made route and I’m inviting you to watch. We’re going to see, in three months, if I can pull this all off, with or without donated help, or if I’m going to need to find another 8-hour or part-time work.