It is 130 in the morning. About 30 minutes ago I made a discovery. When I first picked this theme on word press I raved about how much I liked it. The only down side being the font was to light. Well after messing around a little with my stories and posting a little earlier I made a shocking discovery that made me feel incredibly dumb and to which I of course feel the need to share.

I could have changed the font color!


I dumb.

I want to punch myself in the face.

Duh RAE its just like word!

I had looked all over the dashboard, the side I see that helps me manage this blog. I looked in themes and color schemes. I picked a part everything but the font color controller staring at me every time I write a post. Its default setting is gray. All I had to do was change it to black and everything shows up without having to strain your eyes.

Don’t fear though I have been punishing myself for the last 30 minutes by going through all 3o something post and changing every single one to black font. Now there shouldn’t be to much problems reading any more. As long as I remember to change the font color every time. WordPress just can’t be easy all the time.