At exactly midnight, I posted my very first chapter for a short story series on Patreon:

The Soul of a Rabbit

It’s a fantasy concept. When I first started writing I had loved fantasy and read nothing but it, so naturally it was the first genre I started with. When I thought about what I should start with for my new adventure in writing, a character that I had for a long time popped up. He’s a corky and mischievous guy with a dark past, and I thought why don’t I do his origin story and return back to my own begins.

The process for telling his story continuously evolved over the last few days. I went in directions I hadn’t planned, played around with writing styles, and annoyed my roommates with brainstorming sessions when I hit blocks. At the end, I have a product I’m proud of and hope that my readers will feel the same.

For now, the first chapter is available on Patreon and will be released for free next Sunday. If you want to get first access to any of my works, head over to my Patreon page and donate a dollar, or wait a week and read the story for free on Wattpad.