I forgot something important about wordpress.

All updates and changes are made live!

So in case you didn’t notice. Or got just a little confused. Here are the changes I’ve made thus far:

  1. I changed my “About” page. I combined the original “About” with my side bar “Girl with an Obsession.”
  2. Took down the “Call to Arms.” And placed it in the side bar where “Girl with an obsession.” Use to be.
  3. Removed “Ambrose,” and “Mad Dog Jane.” From my feature bar. Currently I’m working on updating “Ambrose.” MDJ though….well I have a tough decision to make with that one.
  4. Took down my countdown to release date. Again some tough decisions are going to be made by the end of this week.
  5. Updated my “Welcome” post. By adding a feature image and moving it into my feature bar.

I have started classes again. Only four months left!

Still making some tough decisions, but I’ll be sure to feel you all in on Friday.