I’m spreadin out folks!

I recently opened a tweeter account. And now I’m tryin to figure out all the bells and whistles. It’s kinda like starting facebook again. I’m planning on doing some things with it like.

Dyslexic spelling of the Day


Dyslexic Knowledge of the Day

I’ve kinda started doing that on my facebook and I figured, “What the hey! My tweeter will post to my facebook account, so it’ll work out right?” Two birds with one stone!

Now the biggest problem is that pesky 160 character limit. Some experimenting showed that if I add pictures, it’ll go toward the overall character count. If I press enter for another line, that’ll also add to the count. In conclusion have to be very careful with how I display information on tweeter.

Besides that, I hope to start posting more and more often. Just have to put myself together and get on track, which is surprisingly hard to do.