I’m still getting a handle on this blogging thing.

And I just noticed the spam filter might have blocked out some comments.

If you happen to be one of my readers who has been wondering why their comments haven’t shown up, blame my spam filter. Then again, its not easy to tell if you are being spammed or not. I’ve looked through the comments setting and hopefully I’ve fixed that problem. I’m trying to make it my policy not to stop people from posting (trollers, aliens, or spammers.) Unless the spammers just get out of control. So I’m sorry, and thank you all for commenting.

Wow…60 post, well 61 now.

over 180 followers and climbing.

Its crazy!

Not to mention I’m getting closer to my senior project completion date. I’ve been a mad woman, barely sleeping or socializing. In fact until recently, I was on a total Facebook blackout. Now I know what Facebook withdrawals are, oh well some sacrifices have to be made in order to achieve one’s dream. 

I still got a lot of work to get done and so little time. I also just bought my url, if y’all noticed. I am now mydeslexicworld.com!

So until the next post my awesome Friends / Readers!

Oh and keep on the look out for another book/e-book/novella/whatever it is now update. The count down begins now!