There are a couple of reasons I decided to join Patreon to fund my writing. The biggest is that it lessens the stress on the business side. Essentially, you have to develop two minds when it comes to writing.

Creative Mind: This mind wants to do all the fun stuff: Creating characters, mapping out worlds, discovering secret treasures.

It doesn’t want to think about how to pay for food, gas money, or rent. It’s the inner child or, in my case, the rebellious teen, that doesn’t want to feel the burden of adult responsibility and will choose to drown itself in creative work as a form of procrastination.

Business Mind: This mind is the analytical side or the adult brain that looks for the best ways to keep food on your table. It calculates the word count to pay ratio continuously.

“I need to write X amount of words at X amount of cents to get to X amount of pay to afford rent.”


“I need to write X amount of pages at X amount of dollars to get to X amount of pay to afford rent.”

This stress of adult responsibility, of course, bleeds over into the creative mind and can cause a bit of panic which can stall the creative process.

Patreon lessens the stress of figuring out how much to charge per written work and instead gives that over to the patrons. Even 1 dollar helps as that’s one less dollar to worry about.

So. If you’re willing to take a chance and lessens the stress on my poor mind, head over to my Patreon page: Pocket Change Stories (PCS)There you’ll find the rewards for investing in PCS. As well as the goals I’m aiming to reach.

Don’t feel that you have to sign up either, all the stories will be released a week later for free on Wattpad but Patrons gets the first look.