Tomorrow, wait, today is the fourth of July. I don’t have work, good thing to because I just spent the last five hours doing this.

What for? Well I thought it would be a good idea to start posting progress up dates on my two project. Instead of just continuously going, “HEY! THIS ONE IS FOR THIS!” I decided I would make some Representative Icons. Of course I am a terrible drawer.

No for real look, that is my best and I proudly submitted it for class———————————————————–>

Okay I’m not completely that bad but I’m pretty rough. So with my limited skills I created these two master works. I wanted MDJ’s logo to be like an old military uniform patch worn and faded. I used tons of Effects often applying the same effect over and over just to reach the look I wanted. I messed around with the font’s color but just settled on white. I know the wording is a little hard to read, but again it’s supposed to be faded. I really liked how it came out.

Ambrose’s logo was a bit more tricky. At first I was trying to do a silhouette city scape. Half towering buildings, the other half broken and vine covered. The idea was a lot harder for me to execute so I went back to the basic. To my surprise and delight I got a some what realistic crumbling wording. I also settled on using the same typeface I used for MDJ’s. For me this typeface is nice and crisp, it also hard and mean looking. I feel that it represents my characters well, also it was the only lettering that stood up to my effects abuse. I may change this last one just a little but over all I’m quiet happy with it.

So if you see these two master pieces popping up, it’s just letting you know what project I’m sharing with you. I’m really excited, I’ve already dove head long into my works so be ready for some project updates. Also feel free to comment or give suggestions, not everything is written in stone. After all who knows where my writing flow will actually take me.