Hello all my readers,

A lot has happened over the last few weeks that have divided my attention between learning new things to further my career as a writer and being a digital/social media marketing specialist. I am seriously underqualified for a lot of work and I can tell, as I work with more successful writers, I lack skill. This is why I’ve begun to take free online courses to fill the gaps. In doing so, I had to make a hard decision on how to handle my time doing work that makes money to pay the bills and things that don’t. 

Pocket Change Stories, while it isn’t failing, it doesn’t exactly support a living nor does the podcast I’ve been developing over the last few months. My bread and butter come from my freelance work and thus I need to make sure I can fulfill the varied task assigned to me. This means seriously deep diving into the world of digital content creation and social media marketing, which will also help to improve Pocket Change and this blog for future endeavors. I have already begun to take some free online courses to improve my grammar skills, marketing knowledge, and storytelling abilities.

I’ve also taken steps to make sure no one, who is paying into the Patreon, will be charged during the two months I’m not producing content. And as the title states, I’ve placed a hard date on when I’ll return. Too often do people go on hiatus and never come back, I’ve been guilty of it with my Naruto FanFic (Sorry to those readers), but Pocket Change is my pride and joy, and if I’m honest, I felt that I had been failing somehow.

I want to be clear, I’m not running away. I’m trying to get better and that requires placing time into improving skills and knowledge. This is also the best way for me to beat off my growing impostor syndrome.

So, in two months, I’ll be posting the next few stories on Pocket Change, which are in development, this includes looking for book cover artist.