I posted for the first time in forever

and then I thought my website was broken.

Like straight-up broken and I’m not gonna lie, I shutdown. Completely. Didn’t want to ask for help. Didn’t want to deal with the problem, all because I couldn’t view my post in preview. That’s it, just couldn’t preview my post.

I looked through my theme, settings, user setup, and even complained about it on the Halfwit Sisters:

I should have Googled the problem

Honestly, would have saved the few weeks I spent stressing over it which turned out to just be a browser refresh and not a complete mental shutdown. So here we are again, accepting the foolishness of the brain and the complete lack of logic it decided to adopt in the face of adversity and choosing a less than constructive path to go down.

Frustrated for sure, but I didn’t completely stop. I hit some cool milestones.

11 weeks of consistent posting with The Halfwit Sisters:

I haven’t missed a single day posting on TikTok since I started, even though I’ve wanted to.


#stitch with @jenetics.firequills I made it to #steampunk tiktok #writingtips #fyp #creatingcontent #sciencefiction #history #indieauthor #author

♬ original sound – Rebeca Easton

And now I’ve gotten my blog back in somewhat functioning order

Not quite where I want it, but it’s a start.