Hello All,

It’s been nearly a month since I completed S.O.R. and I’ve been working on the next few titles to start publishing again next month. My time at UPS is coming to an end (January 15), so I’ll be free to start the writing mayhem again.

While I toiled the nights away with boxes and fights with co-works at UPS, I’ve constantly been thinking of you. 

How are my readers doing? 

How are my Patreon Champions feeling today? 

Is this crushed box going to one of them?

I told my roommates that I feel as if I’ve done my Patreon’s dirty. Here are people donating their hard earn money to my author dream and I’m rewarding them by sharing the stories for free. I’ve seen the error in my thoughts, and I’m making some changes to pay back the people who are investing time and money into me.

The first change: donation tiers and rewards:

After careful reevaluation of my writing process, I have decided to remove the sneak peeks and story index from the $5 or more tier. I have also removed the $10 dollar or more level and moved that reward to the $5 level. This leaves a total of three donation tiers to choose from.

For the $3 dollar or more levels, I have included that your name will be added in the thank you sections of any books I publish on Smashwords.com as will as receive a code for a free download for your e-readers. This is mostly because I price my novellas at $3 already.

The second change: Patreon exclusive stories

One of the series that I am currently working on will be exclusive to patreon. So you will be getting two stories for the price of one. It’s a lot of work, but you all are so worth it. I will definitely be making more stories just for Patreons!

The third change: Utilizing the blog

I’m paying a lot to keep this blog up and running ad free, and it’s not being used as often as it should. From this moment forward, in addition to the series breakdown on Youtube, there will be a post that covers whatever I couldn’t talk about in the videos due to time restraint.

Now a plea to the readers here at Mydeslexicworld:

There are quite a few of you, and I couldn’t be happier to see this community growing. As I patreon-update_2said, this blog cost a pretty penny to keep up and running. So if you have 4 dollars a month that you can spare, please consider donating to my Patreon. You get 4 stories each month – that’s a dollar a story – and videos that give insight into the series development – no extra charge.

All the donations don’t go just to my living expenses, but also to help fund outside help, such as editors and book cover artist. I believe strongly that people should be paid for their talents and the skills that they’ve honed. Experience pay or Portfolio work isn’t going to pay the bills for these people, so I want to give them their just dues.


I seriously want to thank every person, Patreon, Mydeslexicreaders, Wattpad, and Youtube viewer for joining me. I’ve been a mess these last few years and it’s been hard to straighten out the wrinkles from my seemingly ever-persent frown, but thanks to you my smiles come a lot eaiser.