Since the change with Pocket Change Stories’s payment platform, I also decided to change how I would do the series breakdown and handle the third reward tier. As anyone that does videos will tell you, it takes a lot of time. The shooting, several takes, and the editing can take a few days. Days I don’t really have between all the work I’m doing to pay bills, meet deadlines, write, and market various projects I’m working on.

I still want to do the series breakdown, but I’m changing it up. I’m going to do a live stream because it takes less time to do, and allows for more interaction than a pre-recorded video. I’m just waiting until I move into the next place and setup my new office. After that, I’ll be testing on Youtube and Twitch to see which is better to stream on. Or I might find something else.

The pre-recorded videos will be easier for once a month specials for those that are paying way more for Pocket Change. And I do have several people paying way more than what I have listed in the reward tiers. I want to do something special for them, and right now a video is it, mostly because my other talents don’t expand outside writing.

Once again, I really want to thank everyone for their support while I work out the kinks, test drive different strategies, and find my overall voice. It means a lot and you all are for sure the reason I keep moving forward as a storyteller.