Pocket Change Stories

R9: Chapter 00

The first chapter for R9 is now available on Patreon.

First: I hope you’ll enjoy this Science Fiction, Action story. I’m exploring a lot of new elements this time around. I’ll be talking about them soon in the series breakdown and through some blog post.

Second: When you open the PDF file, you’ll notice that the sentences are numbered.  I’ve had a few people contact me about errors they’ve found, but couldn’t tell me exactly where in the chapter the error was. To help, I’ve added the numbers so readers have an easier time providing feedback. If you see something in the story that you would really like to chat about, you can now say, “Lines 15 thru 20 were super interesting!” or “You might want to word line 40 differently.”

I can’t stress enough how important it is to receive feedback. I want an open channel and for everyone to be involved in helping to create better narratives. I hope to see more people commenting soon.

If you’re dying for the next chapter, check out my WattPad for more released content to tide you over. Until next time!

A penny for your thoughts?

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