Samples Stories and Scripts

Short Stories:

Beyond The Fingertips: The grassy hills promised her freedom and a life free of violence, but sometimes even magic can’t save you.


My Roommate Is A Super Villain is a dark cyberpunk comedic comic book about a young, nervous graphic designer named Jack, who looks to escape his cycle of bad relationships, but when his new handsome and eccentric roommate forces his way into Jack’s life, he finds that crappy boyfriends are the least of his problems, especially when his roommate turns out to be a villainous mastermind known as the Consultant.

Omphalos Screenager is a podcast adventure about a frighten, teenage valley girl who must survive a robotic alien invasion and protect her new friend, a techy nerd girl whose learned how to reprogram the attacking droids, from a corrupt military captain who wants to take over the last cities of America and eventually the world.


It Takes Two is a short film about two women in an affair where one wants to end their relationship and the other can’t let go.

Project Shiva is a Cyberpunk animation about a resource, young boy, who has the ability to change his gender and a computer hacker that work together to take down a company before they recreate a genetic experiment that produces children soldiers.

No Good Deed- Lady Equality is a spec script for an on-going web series about a man, haunted by his father’s ghost, who tries his best to make the world a better place, but always ends up making things worst.

Nursery Rhyme is an action film about a cocky, sly woman who must eliminate anyone connected to a company’s old super soldiers program, before an FBI and two cops figure out her true identity.

Cyd’s Carefully Prepared Sandwich is a comedic short about the sly, handsome Cyd Draca, leader of the dark mage guild, desires for a good sandwich and a fridge that won’t stay close.

Sally’s Sandwich Disaster is a comedic short about the unlucky Sally, as she tries to figure out how to pay her overdue bills and feed her tummy before she goes nuts from hunger.

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