Freelance Portfolio


Brief History On Rum – provided an overview of Rum’s history dating back to the liquor’s arrival in the Caribbean before being popularized by swashbuckling tales.

900lb of creative: creating virtual experiences – a summary on 900lbs and Vroom partnership to develop virtual showrooms for new customer experiences. 

AMCE Creation Lab opens E-lab – a summary of the non-profit maker space in downtown Dallas and what the company offers to the Dallas’ creative community.

Arms of Telos: A new take on competitive FPS – a summary on a first-person multiplayer online shooter created by a Dallas-local.

AwSnap! A new way to message friends – a summary on a new iPhone app that takes pictures of friends who open up messages sent by the app.

DocSynk: Innovating the healthcare market -A healthcare app that assists users with scheduling doctor appointments and rides through the apps services.

Funimation and Crunchyroll are partnering up – a summary on the exciting partnership that’ll bring more anime to anime lovers.

Go farther with WavCatcher – a summary of a product that boosts iPhone 6 and 6s RF frequencies. 

LeagueLineup joins Blue Star Sports – a summary of Blue Star Sports latest acquisition.

Mulitbrain invited to Web Summit as Beta company – an online company that helps companies utilize multimedia outlets to help with marketing strategies.

Skratch moblie app: Connecting teens with job opportunities – an app that connects teens with safe adults who are looking for help to complete todo list.

The incredible growth of StackPath – an online company that assists businesses with creating an online cloud-base service with security features at its core.

The Terrors of the South: Black Widows and Fire Ants – an article detailing the dangers of Black Widows and Fire Ant with suggested guide on how to handle them.

Unwelcome Houseguest and How To Remove Them – a guide on how to find rodents and other vermin with steps on how to remove them.

What Are Mud Tubes? – a guide for how to tell if a home has termites and how to prevent termite damage.