About Me

Everyone has that moment where they fall in love with something, be it sports, arts and crafts, writing, or games, the hobby suddenly becomes such a part of you, it almost dominates your every thought.

For me, that happen when I moved from Guam to the States around the time I turned thirteen. It was a culture shock, going from military school system to public, and some bullying that drove me to search for an escape from the rough halls of middle school. In my head, I discovered lands populated by mystical people who struggled to find acceptance in the world around them. I watched outcast dual it out with villains who ruled cities and felt the excitement as the battles reached world-destroying heights. I wanted to share those adventures.

It was hard. My stories never came out quite how I envisioned them. Sentences were mixed, misspellings abound, and redundancies, lots, and lots of redundancies. Dyslexia was another added challenge on top of the trails of becoming a writer, no, an author. Tag on the criticism I received from all around when I shared my first work, which was harsh to a nearly discouraging level.

Fast forward, out of middle school, out of college, the drive to become an author grew with me. It’s such a huge part of me that nearly all my conversations for the last 2 years have been about writing and story ideas (I love you my friends who have gotten trapped in the 3-hour brainstorm sessions). I’ve had some successes and tons of failures. Naruto fanfictions I wrote to test my writing style were pretty popular, the novella I self-published in 2013, not so much. My 15 years of writing woes and yays have led to this place,

3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Havе you ever thoսght about publіshing an ebook or gսest authorinɡ on other websites?
    I have a blog centered on tɦe ѕame topics
    you discuss and would really like to haѵe you share some storіes/information.
    I know my readers would value your work. If you are even rеmotely interested, feel free to shoot
    me ɑn e-mail.

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