Pocket Change Stories

I’m going to be the Netflix of storytelling

Crappy title but hear me out.

I had to ask myself a question. What is more important? Money or readers? I have been struggling with this question for the last several months, and I’ve finally found my answer, which was painfully obvious in the first place.

I’ve been saying it since the beginning, readers are more important, money was the incentive to put out continuous content. It’s not that money isn’t the issue for me anymore, I’ve still got bills to pay, but I want my work to be as accessible as possible while still making a little on the side.

This is why I moved my Patreon away from the pay per a content release platform. I felt that it was keeping people from joining. It had put up some invisible barrier. Also, I’m going to be releasing some exclusive content, just for the people that have taken that chance to invest in me and they get first looks (that’s a good deal if ever I saw one).

This move is important for a few reasons:

  1. It gets me out of a horrible mindset I’ve been in
  2. I don’t worry about whether or not I’m cheating anyone out of money
  3. I get to really enjoy telling a story!

 I’m going to be the Netflix of storytelling!

So, to all those that have been with Pocket Change Stories from the beginning.


I know it’s been a journey, but I’m working on something I hope will make it worth the wait. It’s definitely going to be longer than any of the stuff I’ve written for you so far.

2 thoughts on “I’m going to be the Netflix of storytelling

  1. If you ask me, you need a manager or agent that can both think through some of the tactical questions you have and also help keep you focus with the workload. Writing stories to entertain people is a hobby. Making a career as a writer requires you to get paid for what you write. People are willing to pay good money to read good stories or things that interests them. You are selling yourself short and it is because of the lack of professional guidance. You are talented, you got what it takes and the desire to become a great writer. YOU NEED A MANAGER. (dropping the mic).

    • Thank you for your honest opinion on this. But I disagree with the selling short just a bit. There was a continued war inside my head on a lot of things about Pocket Change that I was not feeling good about. There were several people I talked to that were in the same boat as you, but when I looked at what I was doing in terms of writing, I realized that I was very capable of writing more than one thing a month, and charging for every cent I could made me feel scummy. Don’t get me wrong, I want to make money writing, I am finding the ways to do that outside of Patreon. If you sat down and heard the conversations I had with people that wanted to support me but couldn’t afford to, you’d understand why I made the decision that I did. There is exclusive content that I am putting up, that I feel is more than worth the amount for those who are a part of Pocket Change Stories. I’m sorry that you disagree with this decision, but it’s no different than if I were to publish a book once a month through traditional means.

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