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The Soul of a Rabbit: Final Chapter

The final chapter is up on Patreon. So head on over there and check it out.

I haven’t had time to record the final video of the series breakdown, but I’ll make sure to get that out no later than Wednesday.

I seriously want to thank everyone who has read The Soul of a Rabbit on Patreon or Wattpad. It has been super fun, and one of the things I look forward to each week. The next series will be starting soon. I’ll be releasing details later on next week.

One of the things I hope that happens is an open conversation between the readers and me. I really want to know what you think about the current work that is out.

Was the story interesting?

Was there an element that you were curious about? 

Was there something that just didn’t work out in the story? 

I’ve been saying it since the beginning, I can’t become a better writer unless I receive feedback, and since I don’t have an editor or a team of people to say, “that’s shit, Rae,” I need you guys. 

The readers

So if you have a little bit of time, comment here, or on my Youtube page, or on my Patreon. Even Wattpad has a comment section.

Until the next series, my lovelies, enjoy The Soul of a Rabbit.


2 thoughts on “The Soul of a Rabbit: Final Chapter

  1. I read all the chapters. I enjoy the story The Soul of a Rabbit. I’m afraid to make too many comments and give away some of the plot, specially the ending (Some people hate that). I thoroughly enjoyed it and I wish I could see some of the fight scenes act out because they sounded awesome, but also a bit hard to follow. I had to read them a few times to get the image in my head and imagine the sequence of events as you described them. It was very enjoyable.

    • Thank you for letting me know that you had a hard time with the fight scenes. I tried to make the moves as clear as possible, but it can be tricky. I’ll work more on it. I’m also glad you enjoyed the story.

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