Pocket Change Stories

The Soul Of A Rabbit: Chapter Four

The next chapter is up on Patreon, but that’s not all.

The first series breakdown video is also up on my Youtube pageI tried to add the video here via Youtube URL, but WordPress is being a butt. So I linked it. My goal with these videos is to start a conversation between me, the author, and you, the readers. Plus I get to provide insight into my writing/thought process.

I know the videos starting out are going to be super clumsy. I’m still trying to find the best format and working on my speaking since I tend to pause or use ‘SO’ a lot. I also talk with my hands waaaaay too much. Overall, though, I enjoyed doing this and look forward to sharing more.

If you’re following me on Wattpad, chapter 3 is up.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have much sleep I need to catch up on before my shift at UPS begins. The season is officially in full swing, 1130pm start Sunday night and ends sometime Monday morning around 8am or 9. Depends on the volume.

A penny for your thoughts?

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