Blog Updates

Blog Updates

I made some changes to the blog again. I figured out how to make the text larger and added a new widget to the side called Current Patreon Projects.

The new widget gives people a small sneak peak into what I’m working on and an idea of the genre. This will allow potential readers to make a more informed decision on if they want to join Patreon, this blog, or my Wattpad.

I will also be working on making the tags and categories a bit more user-friendly. I think it’s too cluttered on the side or doesn’t give a good overview of what’s here. The downside is any changes I make to the blog happens live, so I can’t test it before I make the changes. Also, I would have to run through all 90 to 91 post and retag them. That’s a lot of work, so I’ll be taking it slow on the blog changes.

I’ve got a lot going on and trying hard not to overwhelm myself with work. I am still trying to get the freelance off the ground, but the portfolio is still to light. Either that or I suck at writing cover letters. I still got you beautiful people, the one freelance job, and the patreon will keep my writer’s muscles flexible. Not gonna worry about money right now, savings is still good. 

For now, I’ll focus on the goals I’ve set for myself.


  • 4 stories a month
  • 30 to 100 Readers or Patrons in 3 months
  • 1 vid a month
  • Bi-monthly live stream with $5 or more Patrons.

I could use some emotional support to help keep up my strength. Would you be willing to give this post a like so I can feel a little love?

A penny for your thoughts?

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