Slice of Life

GDC 2014 Thursday

When last I posted, some things had gone down.

Monday night / Tuesday morning: I was sitting at Denny’s for over an hour, crying into some sunny side up eggs, and worrying about where I was going to sleep. But I’m okay, a friend finally came through and took me in.

At that point I was fully over GDC as the last few GDCs I have attended something bad has always happened. I have paid over 1200 dollars for the All Access Pass and didn’t want to waste the money I spent by rushing home on the earliest flight I could get. So I have stuck out the week, feeling shitty the entire time.

I told a few of my GDC friends I wasn’t sure about coming back as I haven’t had a single good experience with the convention. Sure I have meet a lot of great people, and the knowledge I’ve gain has been amazing, but it has been tarnished by the stupid crap that keeps happening to me.

But tonight things changed. My friends went “Awe hell nah girl friend!” Then proceeded to rock my entire night. The conversations have been amazing! The drinks helped loosen some of the anger and stress I had wrapped around me. I have never laughed so hard or so long at GDC then tonight.

Tonight, reminded me why I still come to GDC. The over the top, balls to the wall interactions that only GDC provides and changes my entire view of Game development and networking!

I am now pretty sure I will be coming back next year. Only next year, I will be getting a room all to myself.



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