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Okay, let me take a breath. A count may help too.




No, I was wrong it didn’t help at all. I am so excited and happy, it is boarding on insane!


 I have just finish writing the first part of my Novella series!

Let me sum up this site up real quick,

A quick history in case you’re wondering what a novella is, because it is not just a Spanish soap opera.

A novella is when you write something that is longer than a short story but shorter than a novel.

As it stands this first part is just under 90 pages and around 30,000 words.

Did your mouth just drop?

If you’re a fellow writer. This is probably no big deal. What’s 30,000, right?

Well, let me put it this way. I have a very small writing vocabulary. No really, super small. I also have no understanding of tenses. You know like: past, present, or progressive. Top off the fact that I just manage to sorta understand how to use a comma. Yeah, 30,000 is quite a feat.

Now I hope this hasn’t turned you off from reading my hard work. I promise I have already kidnapped someone for proof reading and am currently holding them at gunpoint. If they get through two pages, I even allow them to go to the bath room. And if they get through five, they get food! Aren’t I nice?

So while I am over the moon with joy here, I do have one thing keeping me down. Well a few, but this ones the biggest of them all.

Is it actually good enough?

Will people read it?

Will they like it?

Ya know, the whole self-doubt bit.

Well, I guess I’ll just have to wait until I post it somewhere. Oh, nerves! So keep watching here. Soon as this poor smock finishes, I’ll be posting a small piece of the story here. Nothing big, just a teaser.

3 thoughts on “JUMPING FOR JOY!!!

  1. HI there. Well done you. I love your style of writing. Don’t let that proof reader go anywhere. I think your’e gonna need him/her for quite a while. You mention in your ‘about’ that you don’t play the dyslexic hard luck card but you missed out mentioning that being dyslexia can be regarded as a gift in some situations. We may not be good at spelling and such like but our ‘faulty wiring’ can reveal some interesting and creative side effects. All the best.

    • Why thank you. I also find that it makes for some interesting moments as well. As my sister recently pointed out. It makes life interesting not just for us but for the people caught up in our insane reading abilities.

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