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Ambrose Summary

Story Summary

Type: E-Book possibly Novella Series.

Setting: Post-Apocalyptic Earth / Future Cities

After the war that collapsed human society, the vile of the second Dark Age has finally lifted revealing what is left of earth. Once great cities now sit in ruin with nature claiming back its lost land. What humans aren’t struggling to survive in the lost domain, are struggling to survive in the 16 cities of the new world. These over developed and over technologized metropolises stretching to the sky are crammed to the brim with people. In these new habitats the fear of death is stifling propelling humans to look for ways to live longer. Reaching into the realms of robotic enhancements, advance pharmaceuticals, and genetic manipulation are only temporary extensions that do little to relieve the panic. Humans are desperate to unlock the secrets to immortality.

And they might have finally found it.

In the old American capital of Washington DC stands the old Terra History Museum. Somewhere in its twisted structure is information on a group of beings who may just be what the Worldfire Military are looking for.

But they are not alone.

Stalking the Military’s every move is a woman like no other. Ambrose. Her goal is simple:

Find the info. before they do.

It’s a game of hide and seek, but who’s really hiding? Is the world ready to learn the truth that has been hidden since the dawn of known human time? Or will Ambrose successfully keep the dark secret from being uncovered?

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